QRYPTED Technology brings you unparalleled Confidence in Data Security and Encryption

We are a game changer that is dedicated solely to safeguarding your data following on the Zero Trust Principle of (1) Assume Breach , (2) Never Trust, Always Verify, and (3) Least Privilege Access

What Problem are we solving?

In today’s world, “keys” are essential to secure and protect your data. As such, keys are both a necessity and vulnerability in the digital world in all places where your data passes through (in transit) and where your data resides (at rest). When hackers break in, they attack the most important part, the keys, which allow them to not only access, but also unlock all your data.

How does Qrypted solve the problem?

Qrypted Technology is a cutting edge patent granted technology end-to-end data security technology where keys are never exposed to the hackers STOPPING MASS DATA BREACHES.

Keys are

dynamically generated, user specific, and one-time use.

Data is encrypted with keys that are generated,

never exchanged, and never stored.

Eliminating the exposure of keys

from the hackers, making it practically impossible for the hackers to unlock your data.

Together, we will make the Digital World safe and secure.